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Hello from France,

My name is JCT (Jean Claude Thomas), I live in France where I am a farmer.

As many french people, I only speak one foreign language: french !, this is a friend of mine who is translating my little message, please forgive me !

I am coming from the knife making world where I have discovered a wonderful material: Mammoth Ivory !



In this world I also met a guy full of talent: Greg DELAUNAY who accepted to teach me the Scrimshaw technic.




Today I am trying sculpture and I am very shy/nervous to show you my first work (on the thumb of my neighbour !)



in work on my thumb



As for the Scrimshaw, Greg kept for himself "young naked women subjects" and he let me with the wild animals, this is less pleasing and more dangerous, well after giving it a second thought this is not so sure......

I have a lot to learn from you and eventhough I am not going to write here too often, you must know that I read your messages very regularly, eventhough I prefer the pictures.

I also would like to thank all the persons who have dragged me into this path :

Sergey Osipov and his poetic netsuke, Natasha Popova and her incredible talent, Cornel Schneider and his lezards, Tom Sterling and his magic ebook and of course Greg, my master 90 ( it’s a French joke)


Please carry on, your talent is needed....



Mammoth is the most wonderfull god creature after women and cows ......

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Salut jct, comme on se retrouve, i hope that you show us more of your work, see you later.


Resalut jct, est-ce que tu peux m'expliquer comment tu fais pour joindre des photos?. I ask jct how he does to join photos with the text, because i have not a gift with internet.

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Bonjour Jean-Claude,


Cela fait plaisir de trouver quelques Français sur ce forum. Nous ne sommes pas si nombreux !

J'aime beaucoup ton travail et surtout la simplicité des formes et la fluidité des courbes. Je trouve ton couteau réellement magnifique et le damassé très à propos.

Mais la question que je me pose c'est : Comment as-tu le temps de faire ces petites merveilles avec ton exploitation agricole et tes vaches qui ne te laissent guère de temps ? Bravo.

Je suis moi-même sculpteur de netsuke et j'habite Paris. J'ai rarement l'occasion de passer dans le Lyonnais, alors, si tes pas te mènent jusqu'à la capitale, ce sera avec plaisir…

Continue.java script:emoticon(':D',%20'smid_4')


For americans, I try to traduce my words: I am very enjoy to find another french member on this forum and I very like his work. As I know what is a farmer work, I ask when he has time to carve this pretty things and do his knives ? And last, I invite him to meet in Paris.




Tu peux voir mon travail de sculpteur sur le site suivant :



Bien cordialement,


Yann-Christophe Lemaire



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Hello you,

it's very nice to see such a nice small carving. Like the bear!

But I'm wondering Mamuth ivory, Is that like Ice-age mamuth.

How can you get it and is it expansive?


I also like the nife, Did you do the blade yourself?

And would you like to tell us how?


Another thing doh...

I'm very sorry to say this but ... je ne parle pas frances

So reading is like reading chinese and I like to read a lot

so is it possible to write english?


Again sorry to ask....


And looking forward to see more of your work



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Hello YCL, i’m very glad to see you here, i know your work and i like it.

Do you know that Sergio is Serge Raoux?…


Hello B_art79

Yes, mammoth is mammuthus primigenus, like in Ice-age.


little heart in pink mammoth


It’s not very expensive, in france, first price is 85 euros /1 Kg

Look: http://stores.ebay.fr/FINE-TURNAGE-PRODUCTIONS


The blade is in damasteel rose ( powder technologie) , it’s not a real Damascus .


Excuse me, but I speak inglish like a spanich cow ( it’s a French joke).




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