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Japanese armor books?

Rik Palm

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I have quite a few books on Japanese armor but most of them are in Japanese. The Japanese books have great pictures and diagrams but I can't read Japanese. There are a some good books in english. The book with the most information is "A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and use of Arms and Armor" by George Cameron Stone. This book is out of print. The origional was published in 1934 and reprinted in 1961. It has 694 pages of great information and covers Japanese arms and armor very well including many small details that most books gloss over. The illustrations are black and white and of the quality you would expect of the 1930's but the information is great. Another book that is avalible and good (1998) is "Japanese Armor of the Galeno Collection" text by Ian Bottomley. This is avalible at Amazon. A third is "Arms and armor of the Samurai" by Ian Bottomley and A.P. Hopson (out of print). There is another (out of print) book on Japanese Armor by Ian Bottomly but I havent been able to find one at a reasonable price. One book in Japanese that I really like is "Fantastic Helmets" (I think that is the title). It is a large format book with wonderful photography. I bought it at the National Museum in Tokyo for about $25.00. I hope this helps.


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