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Real Name

Dick Bonham

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"I must insist on real names for all new members and will delete any new registration with a suspicious name.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but it has become very tiresome to have to research each registration, to find the true carvers and sincere folk who wish to join The Carving Path Forum.


The new registrations I am dealing with are mostly unpleasant spammers and bots. These are on the increase, and I would rather be carving than sorting out the chaff while hoping to find the folks who are truly interested in joining the forum for sake of learning and sharing regarding the interests of The Carving Path."


Hi Janel,

Can we change our screen names to our real names if we are not new?


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Yes, I can do that. Please email me with your current name and the name you would like to see as your screen name.


If anyone else wishes to change to a real name, that is fine. I think that at this point, it is not necessary, except for those who are seeking to register for the first time. Email me privately, and I'll make the change for you.

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