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Mark Strom

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My name is Mark Strom, a wood carver living in North Carolina, USA.

I am a wood carver of 26 years. All of my work is done on a commission basis and it covers the spectrum as far as subject matter. Most of my current work is architectural in nature such as doors, mantles and other architectural elements. The remainder is of a religious nature for churches or religious organizations. Currently I am working on a life-size Mary at the Annunciation for Duke University, a totem pole for a spiritual center, king-size headboard for a bed and finally a reproduction for a antique bed by a famous Boston woodworker. The actual bulk of my work is animal in nature but I have done a great deal of and try to do figurative work every opportunity that I get.

I came across Janel's site a year or so ago and have been reading the forum off and on. The current discussion of Jerry William's work prompted me to register. There are some fairly obvious points concerning the sculptures in question that everyone seems to be missing. Things such as the difference in luminosity between marble (Greek) and granite and the effect it has on the "Life" of the sculpture. No one has noticed the windswept hair contrasted with the drapery that hangs straight down or the perfect curtain like drapery on the back of the skirt of the standing Viking. I also noticed that there was truly little said as to what would improve the sculptures. And just for fun, I am Swedish and Norwegian with my grandparents coming to this country in 1917.

I am aleays looking to learn and to push myself to do more and better work. My interest to that end is to study all kinds of work from illustration, carving of any kind, painting, pottery or any other artistic endeavor. More over I try not to be to judgmental of other peoples work as the life of an artist is hard enough. If someone has the courage to make a living at their craft, put it out in the public eye and suffer all the consequences that come with the territory then who am I to belittle their work? e all do the best we can with the skills we have...we can't all be Rodin!

My work can be seen at stromcarver.com. The site is very rough as I am doing it myself. As of now there are no links to enlarge the images but I am working on it. Hopefdully thius gives you an idea of who I am and what I do.

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