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introduction time

B.K. Henderson-Winnie

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Hello, all!


I'm Bonnie, and though I've been subscribed for a little more than a year I feel like the time is right to say hi and hopefully be active as a new carver. I'm a wig maker, makeup artist, and wardrobe person for theatre, ballet, opera and occasionally film by profession and I live in Portland, Oregon.


So far I have a couple of tagua nut pieces and am working on a third, plus a couple of small bone carvings. I'm hooked. Actually I have been hooked ever since I picked up that copy of Ornament magazine featuring Janel's work a number of years ago. I was thrilled to find this forum and to be introduced to so many other amazingly skilled carvers.


I don't have any pictures of my work to share just yet, but will be looking for a good digital camera for shooting small work in the very near future. I've been looking through what you all have had to say, though, and it's helping narrow the field a bit- thank you!


thanks, again everyone- glad to be here


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