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Hello all - I found the MOTHERLODE !! Thank you so much for this website - you folks have so much to show !! I am originally from Germany, had an apprenticeship as an engraver/jeweler over there (long ago) but I do not work in the field (as a hand-engraver/ziseleur I cannot compete with those newfangled engraving/jackhammer-combos) -- I have always been fascinated with japanese metalworking and japanese carving and I am trying to learn as much as I can about ivory and antler and wood carving, and some of those japanese metalwork tutorials are priceless. I could help out with old-fashioned hand-engraving tips, or even german translation if anyone needs it.....write me a note!! I was taught some very old-fashioned engraving ways and my Meister died shortly after I finished my apprenticeship, taking with him some very old ideas. Too bad I did not continue his way....back in the day we had to weigh, mix, melt and roll our own sheet, make the tools or modify bought ones, mix the pitch etc....*sigh*.......... my small efforts in carving helped me ease the stress in some of the jobs I hold (I was a call-firefighter for many years, I am an EMT and work in law enforcement) -- I also do traditional quillwork and beadwork, maybe I can contribute in that way too....again, thank you all for the greatly appreciated instructions ..... you people ROCK !!

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