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hello y'all


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Hello you carvingfriends,


My first carving was made when I was really board and listening to some guy having a story about a new park for animals. This was in Bolivia when I was working for an animal rehabilitation centre. I made a stupid small figure, as big as my little finger. But I liked it! So my second was a dolphin and have to say quit good as well!!!


A year before I had bought some carving tools already in chiang mai Thailand. but never really did anything with it. So when I got back home from Bolivia I started to carve a bid. Have to say that it was not easy.


So let's say this all was about 2 years ago and played a bid with my tools and some wood.

About a month or to ago I desighted to buy some proper stuff and well... I just can't stop carving anymore!!!


You all understand that I really need to learn a lot but he! isn't that why there is a forum?!


To show some of my work I would like to add some pic's


So I think for now there's nothing more to say than HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:


post-769-1167405722.jpg post-769-1167405747.jpg

post-769-1167405762.jpg post-769-1167405772.jpg

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Hello carvingfriends,


I would like to show what people can do with tools from the picture above.

The Tools are handmade and the holdings are nothing more than old branches!

It's so easy isn't it?


The carvings I made are all about 3 to 4 inch.


So I decided to add some more pic's of carvings I kind of collected during my trips.


First to I bought in Thailand ( olifant and two dragons )

and yes these are made with the same kind off tools!


The pink pig is from Bolivia, just fantastic to find something, so colorfull in a country like that!


The last picture is a statue which I bought in Indonesia, from an old lady.

Her husband collected these and had quit a lot but well, as she told me, she wanted to get rid of all that junk.

Lucky me he?!


Well that's that for now hope you like the pic's


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Hi Sebas,


The rhino is carved in Holland where i live and it's just plain old limewood.

But the pink pig (or what is it?) is carved in Bolivia with local wood.

Unfortunately I have no idear what kind of wood it is. I can tell it's a soft wood

and not that heavy. I just also some harder wood there.

Most of the time when I am traveling I just take some dead wood which i can find, and when it

looks ok and it carves ok, well I just use it. So I'm sorry, can not help you any further with this.


Dear regards,



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Hey Bart!

I have a large number of relatives living in almost all Bolivia. I asked you about the wood to know if it was Mara. Nice wood! Not red but orange though. As you know Bolivia is an Amazonic country, so they have a lot of exotic woods and seeds like tagua.

Anyway, If you are there next time you can look for these nice stuff.



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