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What's on your bench


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Happy New Year to you all. Now that we've made those new year's resolutions to carve more and learn more, what are you all going to be working on?


Has anyone been working on the inro concept besides Dan M?


Any collaborative work?


Anyone taking classes to learn new techniques?


Are you preparing for an exhibiton or show?

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The inro is on hold while i do a little more research. finished a couple scandi type knives for christmas orders,with more to make due to procrastinators.




Finished up a tiger maple and burl walking stick with a poured tin fleur-de-lis in the handle.






also working on a steel with inlayed brass tsuba.



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Pure tin is a bit soft by itself,but it was leftover from another project . it can be carved or engraved and will stay a bright silver color. pewter is usually 95% tin with a little copper and antimony added for hardness. the tin did scorch the wood a little,but some fine sand paper removed the scorching.

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I received this from Cornel Schneider (Switzerland), and he has given me permission to post it here:


Early morning at the first day in this new year, I started with a new sculpture.....a sashi netsuke. Its an experiment....lets see whats the result in some month. What You not can see, is the fresh smell of sawed

boxwood, wich filles the whole rooms. Have a very good time my silent Friend !


From the still green hills,











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