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New member form Canada


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Hi to everyone on the Forum,

My name is Jim Zimmerman. I am an engraver and diamond setter. I live in a small town called Zurich in Ontario,Canada.

There are only around 1000 people in Zurich. Dmitry is one of my friends from the engraving forum that recommended your site.

I'm going to Tokyo to visit my son who teaches English with his girl friend who is also a teacher.


I was wondering if any body could recommend a Kebori shop or a maybe a Tasudo display they know of in the Tokyo or

Kyoto. Maybe if someone know a Modern engrave that's doing interesting work.


Here a couple of examples of my work.

If you like you can go to web page to other example of my work.



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Hi Jim, Beautiful work you do there! I am a carver from North of Embro, Ontario in a little berg called Brookdale & have been through Zurich many times. Would love to meet you even if the forms of art are different! Please check out my art work aslo at My Website

Thanks, Robbin



Hi Robbin,

Sure, come on by and I'll show you the shop. All I need is some advanced warning of when.



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