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Getting Started or Resource Forum for New Members


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I’m in the process of developing a “Getting Started” or “Resources” section for the forum. We get lots of questions from new folks about tools, woods, etc. Rather than trying to answer these types of general questions over and over, or sending them to the SEARCH function, I think it will be useful to have some distillations of previous postings concerning items of general interest. That way we can point them gently to the “Getting Started" section, hopefully to be answering more specific questions after they’ve browsed that section.


I plan on having two kinds of items available:

1. Adobe Acrobat PDF’s of useful subjects taken from Carving Path postings (small amount of editing)

2. Links to external sources


This section won’t be available for everyone to post in, just to keep things clean so there isn’t a lot of extraneous postings a newbie would have to try to wade through. That said, I think anyone who wishes to develop something for this area is welcome to, they’ll just need to go through one of the admin folks to post it.


I’m asking for everyone to put their thinking hats on to come up with useful stuff to go in here, especially external links to quality carving related sites. A small rule here, if the link is to a commercial vendor, like a tool or wood source, please make sure either you or one of our other members has had some sort of good experience with them. We only want to post reputable commercial source links.


What sorts of things were helpful to you in getting started, or what do you wish you had available?


Here’s what I’ve got assembled so far:


PDF resources



A general discussion from multiple topics

Dyeing Antler and Ivory

Potassium Permanganate


Metal Art Technique:

Jim Kelso's Grape Leaves Moth Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Japanese_Patination Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Aduki Pin Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Lindsay Graver Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Owl Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Paperweight Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Sword Fern Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Scraper_and_Stone_Finishing Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Uchidashi Frog Tutorial

Jim Kelso’s Vera Box Tutorial

Dick Bonham's metal fabrications

Ford Hallam’s Kozuka(?) tutorial



General discussions from multiple topics

Jim Kelso’s engraver tutorial

Don Fogg's Toolmaking Tutorials


Workholding general discussions



Woods, Tagua, Fossil ivory from multiple topics



Natasha's tutorial(s)

Jim Kelso’s Leaf Tutorial

Tom Sterling's croc skull tutorial

Intend to add Janel's sequential pics

Eye inlay from multiple topics


External links so far:



Urushi Lacquer: http://www.urushi-kobo.com/index.html

Potassium Permangante: http://secure.sciencecompany.com/Potassium...-P6507C670.aspx

Walnut and other organic dyes: http://www.kremerpigmente.de/englisch/krpigm061.htm



Gold Powder: http://apps.webcreate.com/ecom/catalog/pro...ProductID=17914

Gold Leaf (Europe): http://www.cooksongold.net/


Fossil and hippo ivory: http://www.boonetrading.com/






Boxwood: http://www.gilmerwood.com/ (USA)

http://www.forloversofwood.com/canada/specialty/misc.html (Canada)

http://www.store.octopus.com.tr/ (Turkey)

Steel for tools: http://www.toolanddie.com/


Music wire and steel: http://www.precisionbrand.com/products/def....asp?p_catid=48

Japanese-style art metals: www.reactivemetals.com

Antler and horn: http://www.hideandfur.com/

Inro cord: http://www.internetsuke.com/enter/index.html



Tom Sterling's Free Netsuke Carving eBook: http://www.sterlingsculptures.com/



Carving tools, including Dockyard brand: http://www.thewoodcraftshop.com

Small carving tools http://www.ramelson.com/


Various tools: http://www.leevalley.com/






Japanese-style tools: http://www.barenforum.org/mall/products/shimizu.php

Diamond burrs: http://www.mtmist.org/

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This posting is wonderful, I was just tripping through the old postings and this one is great. It answers alot of questions new members are asking and they probably don't ever know this well of great information is available. Maybe it should be more obvious so people can find it - ya think - or did you swear that off too? I try to avoid thinking, I'm illequiped!!!!!!!!!!!!


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being able to easily find things dramatically increases the utility value, it also makes it easier for members to refer those who miss such resources to the information since they dont have to recall it and find it


actually I can hardly wait to download all those pdf's you have assembled :D


thank you

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