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Hello my friends

In this Sunday morning favourable to the thought, I would like to show you my ivory sculpture preferred.


You recognized the « dame a la capuche » (lady with a hood), she’s 25 000 years old and she

was found in France . she's really unique and peculiar.

contrary to the other representations of the woman , the “Venus callypiges”, who are kinds of offerings to the fertility, this lady is a beautiful woman , without religious connotations, just a work of art. She’s a “Mona Lisa” carried out by a “leonardo da vinci” of the caves.

I spent a lot of time in front of this carving, fascinated, and a question came to me: “who is the primitive one?…”


I spent also much time in front of this sculpture :


and the answer to my question appeared to me…the primitive, it’s me…



do you want a glass of gigondas?... Santé...



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