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Hello All

EB Jones

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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

Been comming here and hanging out for about a year or so,don't realy post.

Enjoy all of your work's :blink: ,I have wanted to get into Netsuke for a while just don't have the time as I care for my aging and ailing mother sufers for memory difficulties and a recent stroke..

Anyway I carve mostly wood spirits and do some flat plain carving.

You all have been a place of comfort during the last few years and I want to say thanks for to all.

Perhaps one day I'll be able to get it together again and start carving yet once more.

Ed Jones

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I have several photos, only problem is that it has been only about 20 minutes trying to down load one pic and who knows how long it will take,maybe has something to do with having dialup?

But will try again some other time and post.The pics I have are not wood spirits, I don't have any pic's of these but some other interesting carving's,busts and a few smaller "elf's" the elfs are simple and about 2 to 3 inch high.

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Hi Ed,


Thank you for introducing yourself. It is good to know that you have enjoyed this forum.


I have a "soda straw" dialup modem, which runs at 26,400bps. It takes about 10 minutes per Megabyte to up or down load, so I understand the frustration.


Posting images on the forum should not be so big a deal, if you can alter the photo to our suggested requirements, approximately 640 x 480 pixel dimensions, with a file size around 50 K. Smaller is OK too. Such a file does not take terribly long to upload. We encourage the members to use the image file guidelines so as not to encumber the topic pages with huge and slow to load images, for folks like you and I, and to keep the memory for the board managable.


There are some hints about how to resize your files in the pinned topic in the Photography section. Ask if you need help. I am going away very soon, so someone else might jump in and offer a hand with helping you figure it out.


One clue, if you can, crop all of the useless background from the photo. Just the carving with a bit of margin is a great rule of thumb for internet images. Who cares about huge expanses of table top, or photo paper? That way, the carving image could be as large as the picture, rather than an oasis in the background.


Thanks again for the introduction!



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