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He Jct,

Man my hart just warmed up with the sight of the puma reminded me of a really nice time in Bolivia.

Worked there on a rehabilitation centre with a puma called gato (pussycat) It was the sweetest thing!!!

You could lift it with no problem and hug it like it's your home cat!

He came from a circus where the broke his legs to teech him how to dance...

well a sad story but he's doing ok now. Anyway here's me with gato!

You'll probebly understand why I love your puma so much know!


Cheers mate and keep up the good work!

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Hello Janel, Thiers is the town of the knives in France. It's in the "Puy-de-Dôme", in the middle of our nice country. There is a knife-show on the 12 and 13 of May, people of all the world come to show their work. Greg Delauney will be here, i hope, and JCT too.

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That sounds like a great event! Are there any other Carving Path members near by? Will you be able to get a photo of the three of you TCP members (including more members if they show up)? I hope we hear from you about the event after you return home.


Oh, we have an Events topic. Would you post the details of that show or gathering, when, where, what sorts of details? Thanks.

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