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my first netsuke


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"The Western Shishi" is a good name :D , i keep it for my animal, thanks Sebastian. For the design, i have no recipe. I take a piece of wood and i carve . For this piece, i just want that the tail join the mane, for the passage to the cord, and if i can, i put a lot of details. I don't make a plan, i have just an idea, and i carve. It's a small piece, if i find it nice when i begin, i continue or else, i stop. For this netsuke, i seen some examples like "kirin" and "foo dog lions", just to take some of the spirit of these works and after i mix with my "style". My new netsuke is a fish, for instant it seems good, i hope thatit last. Quel manche, jct ? Thanks at all for your congratulations.

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Dear Sergio,

The Shishi is a mithological animal - Lion, although it could also take two other forms - that repels bad spirits from Shintoist and Buddhist temples that are always in pair, a kind of gate guardian. Sometimes it is holding a sacred Budhhist sphere called Tama. Here´s a drawing made by a friend of mine.

I hope that this helps you a little.




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