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Boxwood Sources


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The only sources i have sofar has been Gilmer Wood and Rightous Wood. i have several request for boxwood on a couple projects,but not enough to require me to spend $100 for the wood.just a couple knife handle slabs and a repro of an older french knife like the one at the enclosed link.


French Estouche

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one of the places I get boxwood from is;


Tilgear, Bridge House, 69, Station Rd, Cuffley, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England EN6 4TG Tel: 01707 873434


Tilgear are situated beside Cuffley railway station, a few miles north of London. They are an excellent company to deal with having many thousands of tools in stock at any time. The upper floor is given over to all types of woodworking tools and equipement. Although they are primarily a tool merchant they have a nice stock of unusual woods for carvers and turners stored in a moisture controlled room.


Their prices are normally very competitive and they always offer a wide choice of tools in all price ranges,...you can buy a very cheap set of imported carving chisels or a very expensive set made by the best makers


The boxwood that I have bought from them is in billets and unwaxed. The piece I am about to cut is 1.5 inches square and 6 inches long,..well cut and finished ready for marking out. The current price is less than £5 for a similar piece. I'm not sure of the variety of box but i have never seen the rough sections with bark in Tilgear.


Tilgear will post world wide as far as I know. They are a business run by an extended large family who are members of some sort of religous sect,....perhaps quakers. This means that they can be strange to deal with and are a little reserved on first aquaintance. however, they are VERY efficient and straight to buy from once they get to know you. On the one hand their business is very modern, and on the other they appear to resist change,...so they do not as far as I know have a website. They produce an annual catalogue of all their wares.


Hope this may help you.

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Thanks Nelson for activating this old thread. Maybe some folks might respond.


As far as dimensions, what is likely to be found where you are? In Minnesota, I doubt that boxwood has grown to any usable dimension in this "young" state. We have a short growing season as well, so any "old" boxwood would likely be not so big in diameter yet.


I could be persuaded into trying out some larger diameter pieces if they are not pockmarked and stained. I've got a bit of 1.5-2 inch sticks drying from West Virginia pruning of last year. Maybe okay for netsuke and small items, but not for turning. Larger diameter might fit that use for turning and carving.


Thank you for the suggestion.



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The widest diameter of logs I've seen in the UK is about 6"; 4" is about usual. I've no idea of the age of the trees, though. Most boxwood here is old, but cut and clipped about in topiary work and the trees aren't usually allowed to grow to their full extent. Left wild, it could be that some logs have a greater diameter. In the main, I seem to remember, they don't grow more than about 30-35' in height.


I did see some trees of buxus sempervirens, a few weeks ago, in a 20 year old garden in central Scotland. The main trunks had a diameter of about 2 - 2 1/2", which gives some idea about how slow-growing the trees are.

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