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Way Cold!


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-32°F (-35°C) this morning! The old house is struggling to stay at 59°F indoors! What a change from the balmy 70's of Miami last week. The warm cat on my lap helps, but the fingers on the keyboard are cold to the bone. The prospect of catching up with the communications and computer tasks is rather daunting at the moment.


A trick I learned some years ago is one I will resort to soon. I have filled a modestly sized canvas bag with a few pounds of corn kernals ( one could use rice or another sort of grain), place it in a microwave oven for the number of minutes on high that results in the grains to be nicely hot.


Ohhh, so good on the feet and to be held on the cold parts of the body! The hot or warm pack is also used to help heal large bruises, or in instances where hot pack are required to help healing injuries. I suppose one could also place the bag in a cold place and use as an ice pack... hadn't thought about that.


Any way, February 5, 2007 is the coldest day we have had in many years. I hope that you all are warmer than I am! (I'll bet Dan M is experiencing the same degrees, since he lives about 15 miles from me!)


I will get the photos of the trip, and write about the events as I am able. First things first, and the photos next.


Cheers to you all!

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