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Quartz Creeper

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Thought I'd add my newest unfinished piece to the mix,

It is Granite, quartz , and a sliver of a conglomerate in between..

The material was found on Georgian Bay, I've had a few people ask me if it's glued on?

Which I take as a compliment..For it is of course carved..



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Thanks for sharing Ray!


It makes one ponder the forces of earth-forming changes over the eons, and what it took to make this complex and interesting stone. I like the promise of the caterpillar that will look soft when made from the hard material.


What is the pink stone beneath it? That is a beauty too.



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This is totally amazing and seems to have a life to it. I half expect to see it move. The quartz seems to have a depth to it much greater than the size of the actual carving. The choice of materials is brilliant. I'm very impressed by the care you took to avoid disturbing the layer where the legs are attached.


Great work!

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