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Wednesday, January 24, my husband, Will Swanson, and I flew to New York City to attend the opening of Contemporary Netsuke: Masterful Miniatures, January 25- June 17, 2007 at the Museum of Art and Design, New York City.


Lynn Richardson, California; Doug Sanders, Indiana; Janel Jacobson, Minnesota; Ford Hallam, South Africa; Nick Lamb, Montana. It was great to be there! KOMADA Ryushi, his wife Masue and daughter/translator extrodinare Makiko also attended, but were not there for this photograph.



The netsuke were displayed according to the material used. The curator also tried to acquire pieces from known netsuke carvers for a broad and representative collection. Most pieces were on loan from private collections.



The one and only Doug Sanders, showing how the modern man wears a netsuke!



The opening was very crowded and many people enjoyed themselves that evening. The netsuke were wonderful to see and the exhibtion was very thoughtfully composed.


Will and I arrived in NYC close to noon and took a few hours to cruise through the Museum of Modern Art, which is directly across the street from the MAD/Netsuke exhibition. After an interesting dinner gathering which followed the opening, Will and I took a train to New Jersey to spend a day with his brother and his wife. We went to antique shops, and I am waiting for an old tool chest to arrive this week, for storage of more of my tools. I could not help it! I have a great admiration for shallow drawers to hold the many little things that are in my studio, and this one will be great for tools on the table top.


Friday we flew to Miami, Florida and found Susan Wraight and her husband Ray Stebbins already checked in to our two bed room suite. Sue and I have shared booth space and hotel rooms for many of the conventions. This was fun to have the four of us together!


More in depth descriptions will be added as I have time for them. More photos as well, later.

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Janel, I can't find out how to change my "ranking". As I am a rank amateur could you change my ranking from its current level to amateur.





p.s., good to see a recent photo of yourself. Wish we could have seen you.

p.p.s I have tried several times to send you personal msgs to the "administrator", but they always come back as undeliverable. So I used this route this time. Do you think there's a problem with it?



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Hi Ralph, Thanks!


The rank refers to how many posts anyone has made on this forum. It does not state how we might fit into the realm of carving experience and ability. I don't want to mess around with changing that, since it might change it for everyone then.


Just yesterday I got help from the IPS folks when I realized that the admin @ thecarvingpath.net address (minus the spaces before and after the @ sign) was not working. We've changed the registration process and require that new applicants use real names and write to that email address with a brief message so that we know the applicants are real people. This it to try to reduce the number of bot/spammers. The rule changes have not gone smoothly, since some of the applicants use English as a second or third language... Since the .net change, I noticed that no one was writing to the email address for the admin, so I tried it when I returned from the trip, and found that it was rejected, not working at all. Now, the ISP folks have fixed that and the admin@ address for thecarvingpath.net should be working. Why don't you just use the PM or the Email through my Info card by clicking on the underlined "Janel" by my avatar? Hope you find something to work for you now.



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