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Sculptural Pursuit


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Sculptural Pursuit magazine is beginning its 6th year! Boy time flies! It has grown in quality and popularity.


TCP member Jacques Vesery, has a cover photo on: Vol. 5, No. 3. I had an article and a followup article in a couple of the early issues.


The people who create the magazine are great, and the articles and photos are interesting. There is also a web site feature for the artists who advertise in the magazine. There are so many good things to say about Sculptural Pursuit magazine. It is available at over 1150 bookstores and newsstands. And, there is a special promotion at Barnes and Noble that will give SP featured end-cap gondola placement in their stores.


Have a look at their web site, and maybe take out a subscription. We are carvers who work in the small scale, but are we not also sculptors who work without the bang of the mallet on the chisels employed by the sculptor/carvers of larger works? There is much to learn from others.


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