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Another view of the knife

Don Barnhill

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Don, it is good that you are posting, but it is a better idea to keep a single thread going when you are showing images of the same piece so that conversations are easier to follow. To do that, as with my message to you, click the fast reply button which is a little below and to the right, and a box for your message will open up. Write your message in it, and if you have more images to add, click the More Options just below the text box and then you can add images. Remember to click the Add Reply button, not the GO button when you are ready to submit the post. Then when you want to leave the topic, click the Go button. The topic will grow vertically, rather than get spread between disconnected topic titles. Thanks for considering trying this method.


And furthermore, What a nice knife and handle! The antler rest is a clever idea, rather elegant fingers holding the piece aloft.

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