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dip pens in boxwood


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The nibs are interchangeable ones, usually in iron, sometimes blued or bronzed. You can still find them in specialistic shops. Anyway as I am in, I'll describe how I make that part of the pen that holds the nib;

FIRST PHOTO I first prepare the inner tube and outer conical tube and solder them together.

Then a piece of boxwood is rounded, drilled throughout, sawed axe-wise up to near end. Drill a hole and enlarge it with burrs in the handle, make things fit.

SECOND PHOTO I drill a hole passing handle, inner tubing and rounded piece and fix it all with a silver rivet ( you can see it near the end of the handle) so that you can dismantle and repair it if necessary, I don't like things that you cannot accomodate.

Then with file, jeweler'saw and gravers I decorate both silver and wood. Likewise I polish both materials on a buffer with tripoli and rouge, after which with a steel point on a reciprocating mandrel I make a matt surface on wood and silver.

THIRD PHOTO You can see the inner split boxwood peg, the end is rounded to help inserting the nib.




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