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Niko Hynninen

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Hi all!


My name is Niko and i live in Finland.


I have visited on this forum many times and seen some amaising work.

It´s very inspiring and i have learn new techniques.


I try to study japanese weapons and techniques to produse good blades and fittings.

This endles journey the steel,iron,alloys, fire and water is my passon and its close to my heart as an hobby.

Its geat balans for my job too.


Im a member of don fogg / bladesmith´s Forum and send there some my work too.


My latest big project was last summer Tatara smelter and result of that 6,5 kg of warious carbon cont steel bloom. This was the closest thing so far to japanese steel and technque.


I just finnised small kogatana whit kozuka. I ad pic in new work topic soon, and i hope you like it. I know its not masterpeace but it turned out quit nice.


PS. Thaks Janel to fix my reqister,no it works nicely.



Best regards

Niko Hynninen / Finland

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