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goats don't shave


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Hello carvingfriends,


Here's a new netsuke project wich I'm working at.

Updates will follow

Ohh and it's the first I'm making of boxwood and I have to say

all the rumours turned out to be true for me to!

And sorry again for the bad bad quality pic's





Chao amigo's


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Hello my friends,

Nice to have some response on my work, means a lot to me!

So I'm gonna make an inlay with my sign on it and place it in the back, very good seen Sebas.

This time, against all my principles I'm gonna use ivory!

Why...? I was wondering how it is working with it.

Second, it's legal again, well kind off...

Anyway I bought a carved statue on the internet (second hand) and plased the saw in it...

The eye's gonna be ivory and bone and the horns gonna be from African blackwood.

I was wondering if I should use african blackwood and ebony, but I think african blackwood is better

because of the purple-ish lines in it.

The horns are gonna be the himotoshi as well

I don't like to make a special himotshi if you can use the horns for it...

Ohhh and ko, I did the saltpeterzuur thing and the color is really nice now

next part of colouring with you?


Chau amigos!

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  • 4 weeks later...


Finally finished!!!!!

Well what do you want if you're in the middle of moving to another house....

Anyway This goat almost lost his hear being that old already :rolleyes:

So what I did after the last time is that I dyed the goat in boiling dye and than I polished it a bit.

Next I painted it in indonesian ink (mixed with a lot of water) and polished it again.

The eye's and the beard(?) are from ivory and the pupils are from horn!

The horns of the goat are from african black wood.

All glude together with 2 components glue

Any idear how to remove the glue, don't like to see it on the goat!!!





And offcourse a special thanx to Ko Baas For all his tips and trics



Cheers b-art79

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Thanks for the photos! About the two part glue, the time to remove the excess is when the mixed and applied extra is not sticky but not yet hard, when it is flexible and a little rubbery. The glue can be carefully removed, very gently, perhaps with a wooden tool point that won't scratch the stained carving. Don't take too much out off. Now that the glue is set, the task will be more difficult, in my opinion. I am not sure what to advise, sorry.

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Maybe we are having a language difference. The technique I described is not really wiping, but removing the flexible solid, in the process of hardening, material. It is not fluid any longer, and is not hard and inflexible. It is sort of rubbery, it can be lifted or separated from the pieces being joined. It should be gently severed away from the part of the adhesive which is doing the work of holding the parts together, which is left behind to do its work at the joint or seam.


If I wipe the tacky two part adhesive, it smears and is more difficult for me to remove from the surfaces.


Sergio, what do you use to dye the glue?

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To dye the glu, i use "china ink". For exemple, when i want to stick ebony with another raw, i use black china ink. Just a little bit of ink, it's more discret. Excuse me, i don't exactly understand what b art79 says. To remove the glu, i take little pliers (tweezers) with absorbent paper, and little by little, with a lot of patience, i remove the excess.

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Beautiful goat Bart - really nice work! I love the horns and the eyes. On the subject of the glue - I have to assume the 2 part glue is an epoxy. The type that sets up in 5 minutes I find harder to work with and is not quite as clear or as strong as a type that takes about 45 minutes to start to set up - you can use a number of pigments - any waterbased paint such as tubes of watercolours will work - they stay in suspension but do not affect the chemical reaction. I like powdered charcoal for black - it makes a very concentrated colour. You can use denatured alcohol to wipe excess glue off the piece when it is tacky - the alcohol works as kind of a solvent (It might upset your dyes on your wood) that does not penetrate the epoxy resins or disturb the glue properties. After the glue is hard as in your goat, I would prefer a scraping method with a very small tool - just removing the shine even will help. Again, lovely work - you inspire me - thanks :rolleyes:


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