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Hi, I was talking with a woman who worked selling imaging equipment for 30 + years, and described a person she knew who xrayed violins, and netsuke. He knew and perhaps collected netsuke...


I remember someone who is a member of TCP who uses imaging equipment to look inside the boxwood before he carves. Who is this person? I am having a difficult time remembering who, and cannot think of the right search word to bring that post forward to my attention.


Thanks for any helpful hints.

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Hello Janel,


Indeed I do use X-ray hospital equipment on my boxwood before carving. This way I always have a piece of wood without "surprises" halfway a project. For example a hidden knot appearing when you worked a week or so on a carving.

I don't have such equipment myself but I work in a hospital on the X-ray department.

But I don't remeber a post about that subject.

The example on my website is on the Materials page.

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