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My latest creation

Don Barnhill

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Don, thanks for keeping on trying with the photographs!


I am going to edit your image. You gave us a high file size image, and I am going to try to use that content to produce a larger carving in a smaller frame and hope to make a quicker loading image. This is a lesson for you and others. The stats as the image is now:

500 x 375 px at 602.14 KB. The px dimension is fine, but the KB is waaaayyy to high for our guidelines of 50 KB per images (just a strong suggestion, but sometimes a bit higher has to be used).


I cropped the image, and increased the dimensions of that cropped image a little, then used the unsharp mask feature of PhotoShop for a little sharpening.


My suggestion, if you are able to work on digital images, is to shoot a higher resolution (300 dpi) image, crop the excess background from it, reduce it to 72 dpi and at the same time make the image the pixel dimension you would like to see (recalling the guideline of 640 x 480 or there abouts). Save it in JPEG format at a medium setting (you may have to try it a few times to see what gives you around 50 KB and... is not pixelated too much or at all. Lots of balancing of technique, but with practice most people figure it out.


I will edit your photo and put an "edited by" notice in the post.

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It's ok. I have a kodak easy share CD33 camera. I can do maybe 15 inch close up. I thought I had the pic right. Didn't think about cropping the picture and then doing a closer view. I don't really know how to do all this stuff with the camera and editing.

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