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Buongiorno from Switzerland


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Hello to all!


My name is Alessandro and I was born in Como, hence my nickname SandroDaComo ("sandro" is short for Alessandro,"da" means "from".....)


I am new to knifemaking and engraving. My interests are also for wood boxes and sanding/polishing wood.


I live in Switzerland, the Italian speaking part, not far from Lugano and Milan. Actually, I live just at the border with Italy.


Cheers to all!



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Welcome Sandro! My good friend Ivano Comi lives in Civena! One day we drove near Lugano, so maybe I passed by your home. :) It's so beautiful there.


Ciao, Jim



Ciao Jim!


Yeah it's quite a nice area especially by the lake(s).


It's been a strange Winter this year, actually, they say there was no Winter at all. Spring started at least a month earlier and right now, today, it's a little cold again...


I hope to show you some of my (first) attempts in creating something beautiful soon!





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