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Textures in nature


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Hello everyone,


Thanks Jim for linking me to this forum. It is a beautiful (in every respect) idea.

My days as a marine biologist and a professional photographer resulted in some

interesting underwater images - most of them taken more than 40 years ago.

The majestic Lionfish was one of my Red Sea favorites. Now, as my interest in

custom knives and Damascus steel patterns as well as wood and steel carvings

is intensive, I suddenly see these designs everywhere in nature........


David Darom (ddd)




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This is a photograph that I took in the Daintree (rainforest in Northern Queensland) in 2000. It shows a stick beetle that was living inside some bamboo. I thought it was evocative of some of Janel's carvings.


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Gesundheit!!!, Garrett.


Ooooo...Emily, I love the walking stick! They are masters of disguise. The bamboo leaves look rather dangerous at this size!


Garrett, thanks for the true name of the insect. I have not made a habit of remembering that sort of information.


I am off to my northeastern Iowa for a celebration for the retirement of the head of the music department. Former concert band members are gathering to play in the alumni band. I play the alto saxophone. The drive will be about four hours south. I love this part of the world, Decorah, Iowa. The last glaciation did not grind the earth down there, so there are great bluffs and valleys from erosion by the streams which drain the land. It is beautiful. I often think of returning there for respite, but rarely have time for it. Good hiking, hill climbing and for fly fishermen, an intriguing prospect from all of the spring fed creeks.


Have a great weekend folks,



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