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Hello my carving friends,

So i'm working on some small pieces of Ivory with an inlay of horn ( don't know wich kind but it has a glassy look)

I would like to polish the pupil of horn and the ivory eye but dont really know how to do this....

It's really small and for the goat I'm making...

Is there anybody with some adviece for me?

Thanx folks

cheers b_art79

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Hello again,

I think it's best to polish before placing the eye(?)

If got 1 more question:

So I placed the pupil into the ivory eye and now the polishing starts,

but those 1 goes faster than the other?

Meaning that if I wanna polish the horn or ivory those the other mattery vanish?

( don't know if I used the right words but you'll understand he?!)

cheers b_art79

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Hi Bart,


This is how I do it: I dril a hole in the rough shaped ivory eye. Then I glue a horn peg in the hole wich I cut off after the glue hardened. Then shape the eye to its final shape with files, sandpapers and polish it with Micro-Mesh. But a cloth with metal polish wil also work well. You can polish ivory and horn together.

By the way: glue to eyes in the goat after colouring.


Succes, Ko

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