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Hallo from Berlin


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Hallo to all Carving Path members by another forum newbie from Germany


At first I have to apologize my horrible English, I usually rather read than write or talk in English. I hope you will understand despite this sad fact.


My name is Karl Wunderlich. I am a Berlin based sculptor.

I was trained as a goldsmith at a workshop in Berlin. Later I attended on Berlin Art School for studies in sculpture. I ended the study there one and a half years ago.


I mostly do small scale metalwork and sculpture. For some years I experimented with Japanese methods. I lurked around the "Carving Path Forum" for quite a while, because of all the interesting stuff you do.

The attachement is one of my more recent works. It is a small sculpture cast in bronze and sterling silver with small additions of gold and it is also wearable as a ring.


I do not have a website yet.


Greetings form Berlin

Karl Wunderlich

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Guest ford hallam

Hello Karl,


Ich bien also ein goldschmidt, und miener meister sind von Duichland aus. Diesere schmuck sind also wunderbar!, wunderlich?! ;)


At this point I don'nt need to tell you my written German is far worse than your written English. B)


I quite enjoyed your tiny sculptural ring. Makes me think of what would have happened if Rene Lalique had been influenced by Egon Schiele. :) I look forward to seeing more. Your interest in Japanese methods may also be stimulated here.


cheers, Ford B)


I also wanted to add that given the size of the sculpture you've added, you've managed to convey a suitable expression on the little ladies face, quite a feat...the rest too;-)

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Welcome Karl,


I like your work. I thought at first that the piece in the photo was a small bronze sculpture, then I realized just how small it was. You have coveyed a lot of sensitivity in this small work. Very well done.


I look forward to seeing more of your work, and reading your contributions.


Best regards,



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Guest ford hallam
Ford- your Afrikaner-Deutsch cracks me up B)


Hey Doug,


you should hear me at the Munich beer fest!, :P after a few pints of weissbier I'm practically fluent. B)


Brost! ;)


at least I didnt claim to be a doughnut! :) ( obscure Kennedy reference.)

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Guest ford hallam

OK, before the language police get me this is what I ought to have written. Ich bin auch ein goldschmied und mien meister kommt auch aus Deutschland. Dieses schmuck ist auch wundervoll. Everyone happy now? ;)


cheers, Ford :) ( who was actually born in Germany!,)

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Hallo, Thanks to all for your warm welcome.


Ford, you write a good German. Are there some influences of Flams (Netherlands) in it? I had a stay for study at Antwerp some years ago. It sounds similar.

Of course with the right amount of Beer language everything will flow, even German.


The height of my little sculpture is 5 cm (with chair). It was first modelled in plaster and after that a silicone mould was made.


As everyone of you know modelling heads and faces in that scale is art for short-sighted people. I take my glasses off and do not need magnifiers (still). ;)


Best regard


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