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Oregon Adventure


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Just a photo and note from my son in Oregon.




I just had a crazy wildlife experience. I heard some frogs so I went to investigate. I scared some deer who in turn scared the frogs. So, I had to wait around a while for them to start making noise again. Once the frogs started again, I scared a bear which scared the frogs. More waiting. I finally found the frogs and was photographing them when I heard a bunch of crashing near me which scared the frogs again. Thinking the bear was coming back I started making a bunch of noise which scared the frogs even more. It turned out to be a small herd of elk which was that much louder once they started running away. After that I decided to give up on the frogs.



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Great photo Keir! We have many frogs here in S.W.Washington as well, but I've never been sucessful at getting a photo of them. Do you know what type of frog this is?





Looks like Rana pipiens, the frog everyone dissected in biology lab in HS.



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