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There is not a specific topic for this sort of entry, but I do want it posted so others may see the books we may turn to for information or inspiration...


Two books which I often refer people to are:


Living Masters of Netsuke, Kinsey

ISBN 0-87011-679-7


The Art of Netsuke Carving as told to Raymond Bushell

ISBN 0-8348-0265-1

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Another book I enjoy and find helpful is "Masterpieces of Netsuke Art: One thousand favorites of leading collectors" compiled by Bernard Hurting. 1973 Another book by Raymond Bushell is "Collectors' Netsuke" 1971. The first netsuke book I bought was "Netsuke Carving" by Masatoshi and Raymond Bushell , it gave a different perspective on the netsuke at a time when many Japanese artists were reluctant to discuss their art. Many still are. I think "The Carving Path" is unique because so many incredible artists are willing to share their knowledge. That is a rare thing. Thank you all.


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