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Busy Spring

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I am recovering from some very intense weeks spent preparing for our regional pottery tour and sale (http://www.minnesotapotters.com) which was a blazing success at our studio. Will Swanson is my husband. A few folks out of the thousands of pottery customers, found my carvings in my studio, and we had some good discussions. The centipede piece was on display, as well as the rotted wood with moth piece. Not much inventory currently. :( No photos of the event this time, way too busy tending to the coffee, lemonade, ice cold milk, and the tons of cookies prepared for the event, and keeping the helpers fed. I had little time for visiting or photos this year.


Right after that weekend, I loaded up the long van Will uses for pots, with boards, saw horses, and 1200 potted perennials from my gardens. The removal did not even make a dent :o in the look of things. My sister in the city was having a plant sale in her yard, and I was one of four gardeners hoping to sell plants.




There was a great spread of plants, but the temperature went into the high 80's F on the day of the sale, and the last day was did not see 50° F until after thunder and rain when we were packing up. Friday-Sunday brought fewer customers than in the years past, so I went home with some plants. I donated most of them to a women's group who is building a labyrinth on their property, and replanted the rest for the future. This outside activity is my exercise and "therapy", as an alternative to my sit down indoors job (carving for hours on end), and to unwind from the stress of working for the past couple of months preparing for the tour. It is also "research"! :)


I've been a little exhausted, and am trying to wrap up loose ends in the office and house, and just having some down time. (I watched two Akira Kurosawa movies produced earlier in his career. I saw swords, and saw a netsuke action when a sword was placed under the soldier's belt (Pacific war). Research again? :mellow: ) I'll get to the studio one of these days!

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