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There isn't another better place for this, so lets use this forum and topic for posting magazine articles of interest. Do not copy and paste the article here! Do post a link to the magazine's web site for finding the particular issue the article is in, if you are able to find it. Also, tell us the title, issue number and date information, and the pages the article is on, and the title of the article/who or what it is about.

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Wood Carving Illustrated - Issue 28 - Fall



Susan Wraight

An Introduction to Carving Miniature—Netsuke

Welcome to Susan Wraight’s small, small world of netsuke, part of Japanese traditional dress now highly sought after collector pieces




Susan is a highly regarded and respected netsuke carver from Australia.


This issue is no longer on the stands, but I ordered one via the internet or by phone...good article, lots of images and information.

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