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Craft in America

Karl Carvalho

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Aloha all,


Just finished watching the PBS series, Craft in America (thanks for the heads up Janel). It's been a long time since I felt the energy of the 60's and 70's. It was a real treat to hear first person accounts from my personal heroes like Sam Maloof and George Nakashima. I guess I missed it.

The last hour was sort of my salvation. The community ethos, at places like Pilchuck and Penland, was credited with driving personal growth. I agree. While expressed there on a face to face basis, I feel we have our own virtual community here. How else could we learn from such a diverse group scattered across the face of the planet? Thanks for being here. :mellow:


Nuff said. I need to go make something.



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Aloha Karl and TCP members,


I am pleased that you viewed the PBS series, Craft In America. This very significant documentary barely touches the surface of the wealth of talented and hard working crafts people who dedicate their lives and hearts to creating objects of beauty and/or function. Such a sense of gratefulness to Carole Sauvion for her vision which gave such a wonderful program to the public, and tears of pride for the artists whose creativity and life's work were shared with us last evening.


Mary Jackson, the sweet grass basket maker, and I have done shows together for about 20 years, and it meant so much to me to see her in her studio, with her family, and to see the sweet grass growing. She has been responsible for replanting and encouraging the future of sweet grass supplies when its habitat was harmed or lost, which was not mentioned. She is a caring, thoughtful person, and has been one of most favorite show friends.


The opening shots of various pieces made by artists showed the work of Matthew Metz, but he was not one of the artists presented. Matt is a potter, and uses sgraffito- scratching through a layer of slip/clay to reveal a contrasting clay color beneath. He is one of the guest potters who brings his work to the pottery tour we just held here in Minnesota.


I won't and cannot do a whole review of this program, but our PBS station will air the series again in the wee hours of this night/tomorrow morning. You may all still catch it, just set your recorders (if you have such a thing) if it is rebroadcast in your area of the USA. There is a DVD available.


The Carving Path community is the best we can do for our peers, to bring our diverse and talented members together from around the world. It is so good to see you all sharing and learning together here. I am grateful to you all.

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