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Hi from Lancashire, UK

Mumtaz Baber

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Helly everyone.


I'm typing from Bury, just north of Manchester, in the UK.


I'm a bladesmith, interested in learning how to carve steel, particularly horimono and kanji. Ultimately I'd like to apply my skills to Arabic and Urdu lettering also , but especially like dragons ....would like to be able to carve a decent dragon into steel .... ;)

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Guest ford hallam

Salaam, Mumtaz


and welcome. I think you've come to the right place ;) . I'll be posting a brief tutorial on carving dragon scales next week. I rather hurriedly put it together in response from a request some time ago.


You may also find my tutorial on nunome-zogan of some use. The process is essentially the same as the Indian "koftgari" technique. In fact most scholars believe that this Japanese technique originated in Persia, travelled the silk route through China and finally reached Japan.


I'm sure we'd all appreciate seeing some of your work, we're nosy like that! ;)


Namaste, Ford :unsure:

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Salaam! Thanks for the warm welcome Ford!


Silly me , I wrote "Ardu" lettering above but that should have read "Urdu" .


As for pics of my work, I'll certainly post some , though I'm still very much a beginner ;)




I've removed the pics and here's a link to my photobucket page



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Hi Monty -


Did you ever post pictures of that Howard Clark blade you bought?



Agent 007...good to see you here!


Yup, here's some pics of that.




Been polishing it for what seems like forever.


To be honest though I do a decent polish but I'm not capable of doing this blade justice ...all I could get is a half decent cutting polish.


Should hopefully have a piece by Randal Graham coming soon, that should be a lot easier to polish than this 1086! ;)

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Welcome Mumtaz-

Do you have any pictures available of Arabic calligraphy on either wood or metal? I'm interested in calligraphic arts of all kinds and am always floored when I see beautiful Arabic scripts. I would imagine as the reed pen is shaped differently than a Western calligraphy nib, the engraving tools for Arabic script are also a different profile?

There's a member of this list -Dagistanli- who I believe does engraving work in Arabic.




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Also, seeing as Ford mentioned koftgari I thought I'd share these pics


First the plain guard...




Then the finished pieces...




BUT....the arabic calligraphy ended up the upside down, so I got him to do it again .


Here's after he re-did it




I like koftgari....Salaam , Namaste, Satsriakaal ! :huh:




Those pics are small. To see larger detailed pics just click this link;




Then double click on the pic you wish to view and it should bring up the picture nice 'n large so you can see all the detail.


A friend in India made them

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Hello Mumtaz,

Welcome to the forum! I've been absent for a while and am just catching up with recent posts. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work - I truly love the amazing design heritage of the arabic and persian arts. My mother was born and raised inTodmorden, Lancashire. That can't be too far from where you live?



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