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Hi from Brazil


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My name is Remo from Brazil i'm a bladesmith and like japanese blades and metalwork.


Many thank's for share tutorial an information , i don't have much skills in carving but i try learn with time.


Best Regards


p.s. sorry for my poor english



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Guest ford hallam

Hello and welcome, Remo


It's always good to have another metal basher here with us :) . Your own work looks very nice. I particularly like the gold wire inlay (?) on the bare wood saya.


cheers, Ford ( the tsuba guy :huh: )

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Hi ford,


You have a website?


The wire inaly is in silver,

Many thank for the tutorials in japanese metalworking,

Currently a make a all the works in my pieces ( saya, tsuka, blade ,habaki , togishi etc) except the fuchi , kashira and menuki ( making in casting brass by the other person).


I just try make your tecnique of inaly silver wire in stell tsuba ( sae 1045 stell ) i make chisel in old files , but the i think i make the shape of tools wrong ( include my poor technique ) , i try later in iron for more soft material.


As soon a wil make a simple kozuka too ( included a kogatana ),


Thank's again for share tutorial and teaching


for view the sword in action please visit



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Guest ford hallam

Hi Remo,


I'm pleased the tutorials were of use to you. I am working on more and will eventually cover all the basics. My own web-site is very close to being launched. I'll post a notice at that time.


I also made my first chisels from old 6 inch files. I annealled them and sewed them each into 6 chisel blanks. Hard work but good steel for the job. I'll post some diagrams of Japanese chisel shapes, angles and measurements etc. on my site.


Best regards, Ford

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Aloha Remo,


Welcome. Sorry it took so long to get to it. Things are cranking up around here. Good to see your work. I noticed from your avatar that you are from Minas Gerais. Isn't that in gem and mineral country, where a lot of gem carvers get their rough?



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Hi Remo, I like your work. You have a very good tradition of knifemaking in Brazil. I have met some of your colleagues in the argentinean forum Armas Blancas, and in the brazilian subforum in the Knife Network, the SBC subforum from the Sociedade Brasileira de Cuteleiros.




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Hi folk´s,


sorry for the later response,

i´m moving my studio/shop and there no are internet yet ( i´m dreaming some days too ).


Some times i go in a lan house, to view the emails.



Hi Brian chan,


i make all parts of the swords and knifes ( but some fuchi/ kashira and menuki a dont make , was making in lost wax casting in brass), i loved your pieces too, verry nice work. congratulations.with the time i try learn more japanese decorations tecnics.



Hi Gonzalo,

great i´m menber of sbc too there are many good knife makers, in november i go in a brazilian knife show


http://www.saopauloknifeshow.com.br/ to show some pieces in a table and view the friends.



Hi David,


thanks, your work in verry nice too, in the next year i´m buy a hidraulic press to make some damauscus and my steel ( like tamahagane).



Thank´s again folks,




Remo :D

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