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Karl Carvalho

Mokume Gane

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I was never able to produce such a crimson red on copper. :(

Is there a web site of komokin?

regards Karl :):)


Aloha Ford,


Yes, if my monitor is color correct, that crimson color is very interesting. Which solution was that? B) Do you have the new Komokin catalog? I have an older issue (drooling smiley). Am working on contact info.



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Hi Karl your links have been very useful lately. I was just about to purchase the Japanese legends book you posted. Now I have a free copy! Mr Toshi is within driving distance of me and I would really like to get ahold of him and introduce myself. I can't find any form of contact on his Blog. Does anyone know how to get a hold of this guy or did I just miss it?

Thanks again,







a bit Mokume - just one more time. ;)


This leads to Toshi`s Metalwork- Blog


I like his subtile silver-on-silver mokume in particular, but the way how he treats the shapes of his objects is not my case. Hope its interesting anyway.



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